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    "Tragedy after tragedy, I know its sad to see
    America killing her babies like Casey Anthony…"
    Ab-Soul, Control System, Beautiful Death
    — 2 years ago with 4 notes
    #ab soul  #control system  #america  #Casey Anthony  #beatiful death 
    Justice in America is a fraud…

    They always talk about justice and how everyone will have to pay for what they did when it comes to the law here, but that is so not true. All you have to have is enough money and you can get out of mostly anything when it comes to their justice. Dont believe me, ask Casey Anthony, the woman who murdered her child with no remorse. But however I still believe people will have to pay for whatever they have done no matter what you believe in, call it karma or a simply “what goes around come around”, you will get what you have coming to you.

    — 3 years ago
    #casey anthony  #justice