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    "This year taught me that my loneliness has more to do with myself than anyone else. The loneliest I will ever be is when I do not have the strength to love myself."
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    Anonymous asked: I'm a Teezy fan, but I'm not a fan of reading. Is there any way you can make 4 sentence album reviews cause that's about as long as i can read without collapsing?


    ok ill try to keep it that short from now on for you short attention span mother——- ! Lol jk but forreal 4 sentences is pretty bad and hard to do. Luckily I already made some extremely brief records of my favorite albums so far. Check em out buddy: http://deycallmeteezy.tumblr.com/post/91070073364/favorite-projects-of-the-year-so-far-these-are

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    Anonymous asked: Hey I'm a 12 year old boy named dumbass. I'm noticing some changes in my body. Ive gotten taller and hairier haha. I was just wondering when i would grow my condom? Like what age did your condom grow? -sent from your friend Dumbass


    Hey Dumbass, you are experiencing something we call puberty. You’re getting taller and hairier? Thats weird you’re supposed to be getting shorter and smoother I think you may be a aberrant. Go get that checked out Dumbass. As far as condoms go don’t worry it. Some girls dont like condoms. #badadvicefromTeezy

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    Anonymous asked: Is it ever ok to lie?


    When your 5yr old daughter is like dad I drew a picture of you and she’s like doesn’t it look just like you?… What do you say ? HELL NAH IT DONT! Don’t ever lie bro.

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    Drunk History - Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks

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    Battery: 30%

    let me turn off my phone so I can use it later on

    *turns phone back on*

    Battery: 8%

    what the fuck

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    Anonymous asked: Dude how does a brown cow eat green grass and produce white milk?


    The same way a black guy drives a white car to work to make green cash. ITS ALL IN THE PROCESS BRUH

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    Anonymous asked: Nigga you gay *Huey voice*


    That’s Riley’s voice bro. Get your voice impersonations in order smh 

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    Anonymous asked: Why does Kevin Gates like eating ass so much? Honestly this nigga is an advocate for eating ass. His has several videos of me saying this. If he was running for a political office his main platform would be eating ass. Nigga would be the first candidate ever to run a purely sexual campaign.


    LMFAOOO and you would vote for him right? 

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    Anonymous asked: What's your Social security number ?



    Good thing for me that its so easy to remember right?!

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    Tragedy at a Jason Aldean concert


    A 22-year-old Fremont, Ohio man, who went missing during Jason Aldean’s concert in Cleveland, was found dead yesterday in a landfill. The body was taken from a dumpster at the stadium. The man disappeared while going to meet a group of friends. A final cause of death is still being determined.

    He left during the concert?! It must’ve been something important. Sad news :(

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    Hopefully I can catch this guy in concert one day. I bet those Dollar and a Dream concerts were really epic

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    Common - Nobody’s Smiling (2014)

    My favorite album cover art of the year so far.

    Simplicity with a message. Common’s expression says so much. I reckon it is symbolic for Chicago, with there being “nothing to smile about”. The dark and gritty colors in the art to me represents the streets of Chicago aka Chiraq, which make up most of the subject matter on the album. 

    As far as the actual album:

    I think it is fairly decent and a solid offering from veteran Common. For one it clocks in at 10 songs (Deluxe at 13), making it a fairly short and concise project. Moreover, the production is to no surprise good with every track being handled by No I.D. which I think help keeps the album at a consistent feel (except for the last track Rewind That). Most of the featured artists on the album really shine here. Dreezy, Jhene Aiko, Lil Herb, Malik Yusef, and Vince Staples all make notable contribution to their songs. Common had a ambitious goal with this album using it as a “call to action” for his city. What will help him succeed with that is his inclusion of the younger artists from Chicago reintroducing the younger generation to him and giving older heads a peak into the world of young “Chiraq”. Because of this I think Common’s album does a great job at bridging the gap between the two generations of Hip-Hop and Chicago. Kanye’s I Dont Like remix of Chief Keef put Keef and his city’s current music scene on the map and I guess that was his way of “giving back”. Consider this album Common’s way of giving back with a more serious undertone by even going as far to put up and coming rappers on his album and album cover. In conclusion, the outro said it best “It’s definitely not a Common album but its Common”.

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